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Jenean is far more than your run-of-the-mill real estate "agent.

" She is, in fact, a real estate "consultant," who provides expert advice, and goes all out to provide consistent, exceptional service to her clients. And, Jenean's service, friendship and expertise do not end with the sale; instead, it is just the beginning of a continuing relationship and friend that keeps one connected with the market and their investment.

Del Indelicato

I was impressed with Jenean's professionalism and warm personality, and would not hesitate to recommend her to my friend and colleagues.

Iraj & Sahar Motabar

Her marketing plan was excellent and generated offers at , and above asking price!

. Her kindness and genuine concern for my well being brought me through a very difficult time, and I appreciate it immensely. I HIGHLEY recommend her to anyone who is in need of an expert.


Dear Buyers or Sellers,   Jenean is GREAT!

She has obviously been in the real estate business for many years and knows the ins-and-outs of selling a home. At a time when the mortgage industry is crumbling and housing prices are falling, we find great comfort in working with a Realtor that knows all of the available options. Never did we feel pressured to do anything risky or questionable. Everything was thoroughly explained at the beginning of the process, which eliminated any surprises further along. This will be our third experience with home ownership and never have we had a Realtor that laid everything out from the beginning that precisely matched the final outcome like Jenean was able to do.   My wife, Loree, and I are current owners of a two-bedroom condo and have been waiting for housing prices to drop in order to upgrade to a detached home. We contacted Jenean by recommendation from a good friend. Our plan was to take our time, see what's out there and maybe hold tight for housing prices to hit rock bottom. Jenean met with us after work at our condo along with her mortgage broker, Randy. Together they gave us several available options along with final figures. These were backed by a plethora of recent statistics of condos and homes in the region along with projected figures. Everything was discussed in layman's terms making it much easier to realize what was needed to get us into a detached home.   Our predicament in waiting for housing prices to drop was that our condo was dropping even faster. Our down payment was quickly dwindling with the economy. With Jenean's encouragement, we decided to keep the condo and pull equity before other condos in our complex, that were already in default, went back to the bank. As Jenean and Randy explained, waiting would lower the value of our condo and disable the option of obtaining any equity. The equity pulled was used as a down payment on the home and the condo will be rented out. This was one of the options that Jenean and Randy presented with detailed figures of how it was possible. We never realized we could afford this and found, with their figures, that it was easily affordable. Within no time we found our ideal home and our offer has been accepted. We now lose sleep thinking of how wonderful it will be to live life in our 3-bedroom dream home with a two-car garage, fully remodeled kitchen and a large backyard for our dogs.   We couldn't have done it without Jenean's help. Although she had other clients to deal with, we felt like we had a personal Realtor who was always reachable and in contact throughout the process. We found that she goes above and beyond what would be expected of a standard Realtor...  

The best residential broker I have ever used.

I have worked in Southern Calif. as a commercial real estate broker for over 50 years, specializing in both office and industrial development. As a result I do know a good broker when I see one and Jenean is one of the best

John McPhillips

Smart, knowledgeable charismatic, good negotiator, responsive.

The best there is.

John & Julie Gordon & Tim Lewis

Let me tell you about my recent experience working with Jenean Hill.

After making the difficult decision to sell my house, I wanted to be sure I picked the right agent. There were many things to consider when choosing an agent. Like anyone else, I wanted to get as much as possible and sell my house quickly, but I didn't want to pay to fix it up only to find that I would have to settle for selling it for less than what I was expecting. After meeting with other seasoned agents, I met with Jenean and knew that that my search was over. First of all, she listened and understood what was important to me. She was very honest in letting me know what she could do for me and what it would take to sell two homes and to purchase a new one. That's right.  Jenean helped me with THREE different homes in three different cities. With that much on the line I was not about to trust in just anyone.  She also showed me that with the push of a button on the MLS, I could compare the track records of other ?top agents? along with hers.  After seeing that very telling ?visual aid? and hearing Jenean's dynamic marketing plan, I knew that selecting Jenean Hill was the absolute right ch

We bought our house in late 2010 and Jenean was such a joy to work with!

There is no way we would have gotten into our current home without her. We had been previously working with a different agent and we weren't getting anywhere.... and then we met Jeanine! She went above and beyond what I even thought a realtor would help with. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who is looking to buy or sell their home! (Especially if you're looking in the Lake Forest area.... she is THE specialist!)

Karen H.

Quick, responsive, professional, friendly, explained the escrow process well.

Donald & Sheri Yee

Jenean Hill is an aMAZing Realtor!

  Most people would not believe all that she did to make my home purchase a reality!  I have lived in Eureka, California, since 1980 but lived in Orange County in my 20's  - running around with friends from college, many of whom still live here.  Being a widow with grown children now, I have increasingly, over the last few years, wanted to spend more time in The OC and, consequently, spent many hours online looking at listings.  One of those listings connected me with Jenean, and the rest, as they say, is now history. In our conversations over the phone, Jenean educated me about what the market was like in Orange County and asked me a lot of questions to help me decide whether investing in a place here was really what I wanted to do.  When we finally got together, we spent a day looking at homes and were really close to making an offer on one by the end of the day.  When we met the next day to finalize the offer, some additional listings had come on the market which we decided to check out.  We were not allowed to see the inside of one them, but Jenean was very familiar with the floor plan and everything else about the home was appealing:  the location, the price, the features, etc.  However, it was a short sale!  So we decided to make an offer contingent upon interior inspection. Jenean hand-delivered the offer in a package that included a letter introducing me as the buyer as well as evidence of my financial ability to pay for the condo.  Due to Jenean's persistence, the agent secured the seller's acceptance of the offer right away, and the next day we were able to see the inside of the condo.  But it was a mess!  All of the appliances had been removed by the seller as had the light fixtures, the thermostat for the furnace, and a shower head.  One of the bathrooms was in the process of a BAD remodel, so she suggested that we ask a contractor to come in and develop an estimate of what it would cost to return the home to its original condition.

I like how she can get so many people to her well prepared grand opening open house and get a buyer secured that same day.

Her marketing is far above average as well as her ability to help prepare our home so that it gets top dollar offers. This is our third house we've sold through Jenean- we love her enthusiasm and professionalism. And I'm a Realtor!

Pam Norry TTEE


Jenean Hill is simply the best REALTOR with whom I have ever worked.   Before continuing, I would like to add some context for that statement. I am a retiree and a real estate investor, so I have been around the block a few times. I have sold properties in various parts of California and in Florida, and I have been on the fringes of the real estate industry for the past twenty-six years. I can name more real estate agents than I can major league sluggers...and I am a life-long baseball fan.   My mother-in-law founded a prestigious and highly successful real estate brokerage in one of the most affluent areas of California. That firm was later sold to Coldwell Banker. She has been the personal agent/broker for high-end clients for over thirty-five years, some of them CEOs of Fortune 50 companies. She has bought and sold two properties for me. She is the ultimate professional, yet I stand by my statement above: Jenean is the best.   Jenean Hill is successful because:   1) She is honest'she does what she says she will do. Actually, in our transaction, she did more than she said she would do.   2) She demonstrates a sense of urgency. Things get done. They get done soon, and they get done well.   3) She stays personally involved at a detailed level. The property she sold on our behalf required a serious facelift and some corrections of code violations. She communicated clearly what was needed, she mapped out an aggressive schedule, she selected excellent vendors, and she personally managed the renovation project. Materials used or purchased by the vendors were reimbursed at cost; no 'service fees? or mark-ups were added. When a certain type of light fixture was needed, Jenean went to Home Depot?a place that intimidates the heck out of me?to get just the right one, on sale.   4) She finds solutions, regardless of the challenge. W

We had never met Jenean until she made a customized--not "canned"-- presentation to us about selling our condo.

Within twenty minutes we knew she was a star...and that conclusion was verified by her performance. She not only managed the "high level" activities like, marketing strategy, pricing, staging, etc., in our case--we were out of town--she contracted and oversaw the day-to-day repairs, carpentry, painting, plumbing, and staging. Result: in a tough market (March 2011) we had a long line outside for the open house, and we received four offers that day, all above the asking price. We ended up selling the place for much more than we expected. Net: Jenean is a capable, hardworking, outstanding agent, but that is because she is a rock-solid person. We cannot recommend her highly enough.

John Gordon

My family cannot be happier with Jenean.

With her bright and upbeat personality she made a very stressful task (renovating, showing, and selling a home we currently live in) as stress free and organized as possible. Her marketing ability is second to none and her organizational skills are superb. You always felt better after talking to Jenean. Her entire team was also amazing to deal with. Hands down this was 100x better than any real estate transaction I've been a part of. We absolutely love Jenean.

Tim & Diana Pickinpaugh
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"Jenean was AMAZING to work with! There is no way we would have gotten into our home without her. She went above and beyond what every other realtor ever had for us. I highly recommend her to anyone who ... more "
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